Sean Conrad A spindoctors memoirs

The true story of the day-to-day play-by-play adventures of a young, insecure, teenage wallflower from a small Midwestern factory town, Who dives headfirst into the rabbit hole of psychedelia, flaxen, waxen, sex drugs and rock and roll.

In the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Our author Sean Conrad experiences the ups and downs of having just too damn much fun – and the consequences that come with it. From hanging out with rock stars to being homeless – and back again.

Join our author as he goes from Porshes to potholes and scribbling autographs to signing divorce papers.

Can there possibly be a happy ending.

In the days of Boss Radio, Sean Conrad had it all – lost it all and got it back again, several times. KICKIN’ OUT THE JAMS is funny, sad, ironic and entertaining -- sometimes on the same page. For anyone wondering what life was like behind the mic, you won’t be able to put it down.
John Ostland
Owner, KYNO Radio
If Jack Kerouacs On The Road had been about the Golden Age of Radio and Rock and Roll, it would have been this book!
Larry April
April Vaughn Advertising
If you're a radio person, Sean Conrad's book "Kickin' Out the Jams" will make you remember the fun, crazy, irreverent, mostly magical times we had. If you weren't privileged to work in a radio station, this book will take you to places and events you'd never otherwise experience. Sean's stories epitomize the oft-stated radio adage "You can tell the quality of the jock by the size of the U-Haul he brings to town."
BC Cloutier
Former radio General Manager
KUDOS FOR KICKIN’ OUT THE JAMS A page-turner that reads like a novel. Sean Conrad has written an entertaining and inspiring book for anyone who wants to experience those early days of rock radio. His story of sex,drugs, rock ’n’ roll, and transformation is as uplifting as it is outrageous.
Bonnie Hearn Hill
best-selling author
This is a great book. It reads like a conversation with friends at a bar. Probably the best book on radio that I have read since SuperJock by Larry Lujack.
Jason Remington
Sea Tac Media
Sex and drugs and rock n' roll aren't just a saying, it was a living for Sean Conrad. Dive into this book, and immerse yourself in radio and records, when the industry was truly fun, funny, and the stuff great stories are made of
Laurie Roberts
San Francisco Bay Area Radio Hall of Famer
A fascinating and humorous read! It is a well written book, and sometimes zany look at one man's journey during the golden age of radio and music. From playing the hits to getting the hits played, Sean's adventures in the radio and record business are a wild ride! I could not put this down! ...I LOVED IT.
Joel Newman
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
• Sean Conrad’s KICKING OUT THE JAMS is the 50,000 whats and 50,000 what-nots of radio. A wild nostalgic journey of destruction and disc jockeys. Sean takes you back to those golden days when radio was our constant companion. If you think what came out of it was fun, wait till you see what went into it. This book is my pick hit of the year.
Ken Levine
Ken Levine, writer for TV shows MASH, Cheers, Frasier, the Simpsons and named one of the best 25 blogs of 2011 by Time Magazine.
Wow! From cover to cover, “Kickinʻ Out The Jams” tells the story of one of the greatest eras in radio. Whether youʻre in the broadcasting industry or not, I guarantee youʻll be glued to every page. Read Seanʻs book and youʻll see why “the hits just kept on cominʻ! You better believe It baby!
"Shotgun Tom" Kelly
Afternoon Radio Personality KEARTH Radio, Los Angeles
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